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Natural gas industry chain, full value chain, the whole supply chain integrated service operations
The new energy sector as a natural gas trade, natural gas non-pipe network transport, natural gas storage and transportation equipment manufacturing, dual fuel installation, oil and gas construction station construction   more >>

Emergency rescue products R & D, manufacturing, integration, sales

The country's largest and most complete system of emergency rescue equipment suppliers, integrators, is the national emergency rescue industry technology innovation strategic alliance sponsor units. "During the period, to be in the national layout of the" safe valley & rdquo; more >>

Financial leasing, manufacturing supporting services, resource development, trade
Plate to rely on the party Central & ldquo; strategy "to make full use of domestic and international resources, two markets, to play a technological advantage, to create a new heavy industry's own resources development platform to cleanmore >>

India - based overseas market development, investment
India - based overseas market development, investment...    more >>

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